Black Nationalist Child Molester Slaughters 6 People in Hate Crime

(Photo credit: Wisconsin Right Now)

By now, most people have heard a version of the events that transpired in Waukesha, Wisconsin earlier this week, but few understand the true gravity of the situation due to intentional withholding of information by media organizations.

Suspect Darrell E. Brooks, who rammed an SUV through a wholesome Christmas parade in an intentionally brutal murder spree, is also a convicted child predator who “pimped” a 16-year-old girl and attempted to run over a woman who claimed to be the mother of his child just two weeks earlier. Due to racial bias in favour of ethnic minorities in the justice system, "at the time of the crime on Sunday, Brooks was out on $1,000 bail for reckless endangerment, battery, domestic abuse, resisting arrest and bail jumping (Breaking911)." Brooks seemingly saw to it that he rammed his red SUV through as many people as possible, making no distinction even for children, women, or the elderly.

This event lead to the death of 6 people, injuries in 62 more.

Noticeably excluded from mainstream media articles are the suspect’s race, political ideology, and until recently his criminal history. Police and media companies are refusing to call this attack terrorism.

Below is a video in which Brooks attempted to justify his molestation of a 16-year-old girl:

He also has released a comically terrible music video where he is seen standing in front of the same SUV, confirming he is in fact the perpetrator on his YouTube account. YouTube took down Brooks’ channel the same day of the incident, making it clear that Big Tech is literally running cover for a mass murderer by destroying evidence.

Brooks’ social media accounts are lined with Black Lives Matter sympathetic rhetoric, and the incident took place around one hour outside Kenosha, WI, a couple short days after American hero Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty in his criminal trial. It is clear to me that Brooks’ motivation for this grossly obscene terrorist attack was purely anti-white hatred, sparked by the Rittenhouse verdict.

Let me take you on a journey through the events of that day, extrapolated by my enormous brain. Darrell Brooks, who has blind racial animus towards white people due to constant consumption of mainstream media programming and a history of violent crime, is a supporter of the BLM movement. He finds out, maybe on the radio in his SUV that Kyle Rittenhouse, that terrible “white supremacist” who shot three people, killing two was found not guilty by the jury.

Because he is unaware of the reality of the Rittenhouse situation, partially because he consumes mainstream media and partially because he is a part of the lowest average IQ demographic in America, he descends into a blind racist frenzy. He sees a parade of white people, celebrating. He couldn’t stand seeing white people happy. He drove his SUV straight into the crowd, nearly perpendicular to the road, hoping to kill as many happy white people as possible.

Darrell Brooks is an anti-white, racist terrorist and a mass murderer. He can and should be publicly executed for his disgusting behaviour. He already belonged in jail for child rape and attempted vehicular homicide. Darrell Brooks is subhuman filth. He, and the people that run media companies who covered for him deserve to be killed.

We live in a society in which criminals like Darrell Brooks walk the streets and innocent people like Derek Chauvin go to jail. This is not acceptable.