2 Stories that Serve as a Cross-section of Western Degradation

There are two stories that reveal a cross-section in our degraded culture that I thought might be worth covering briefly, both of which I found in the Post Millennial this morning. They’re both important, but not surprising so I thought I’d bring them up for a quick article.

Image credits: NBC News

The first of which brings us back to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which burned down in a “mysterious fire” two years ago. The truth of the crime is that there is a high possibility that the Cathedral was either burned down by Muslim migrants, anarchists, or other terrorists, which of course the media has been covering up. My belief is that it was intentionally planned or at least allowed by the French government to build this: a social justice, globalist theme park.

The agency in association with the French government in charge of rebuilding the Cathedral is using this arson as an opportunity to “build back better,” in similar style to the fake and gay COVID-19 pandemic. These plans make it seem to me (only through speculation of course) as if the arson was orchestrated from the beginning.

Apparently, the team is working on replacing the destroyed parts of this western cultural landmark with hideous modern art, and African and Asian themed chapels. The rebuilding is intended to make the Cathedral accessible to non-Catholics, as an insult to French, Catholic, and European heritage more broadly. This follows a series of church arsons across the west, which are exceptionally bad in both France and Canada, and almost exclusively target Catholics.

The second story is about an addition to Bill C-16, and other Canadian hate speech legislation dedicated to the protection of transgender ideology.

Image credits: The Post Millennial

Bill C-16, which primarily serves to allow tranny freaks to enter whichever bathroom they wish, without fear of repercussions, enabling these disgusting scumbags to rape at will.

The article from the Post Millennial tries to assert that "intersectional" feminism is misogynistic, and that initial feminism fighting for women's rights is somehow valuable. The Canadian government is basically fighting to entrench in law that this type of language is hate speech, the type of speech that leftists refer to as "TERF." The Canadian government, at least on social policy is one that is so hyper-progressive that feminism is considered hate speech.

The Post Millennial writer fails to understand, however, that feminism by its own nature enables homosexuality and transgenderism by natural extension, because the feminist position falsely asserts that men and women are equal. If men and women are equal, there is no difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples. If men and women are equal, why wouldn't they be able to switch between them at will?

The assertion that men and women are equal has caused the logical progression from that point to where we are now, where sodomy is considered marriage and you can cut your genitals out and claim to be the opposite sex. In order to win, we must establish our position firmly rooted in reality, not in superficial ideas about equality. Equality is fake and gay.

These stories both show how far our society has fallen, so I hope that they have been enlightening.